Hey Guys! First things first, let me introduce my self! Im Bri, my middle name is Kelsey, for all those who are wondering. I am a self taught baker and cake decorator. I found my passion for cake & cupcake decorating, when one day I was scrolling on Instagram and came across butter cream flower cupcakes. I was so intrigued and inspired and wanted to figure out how to make them. I was determined to learn and once I did my passion grew bigger and bigger and all I wanted to do was create beautiful and yummy treats and desserts. I love being creative, bringing my visions to life & having the opportunity to share it with everyone! 

F.A.Q & Other Fun Stuff

Q. How Much for _?

A. All Prices are listed under the menu section. If the price is not listed email for specific quote. 

Q. How Do I place an order

A. Orders can be placed through contact section or email Kupkakesbykelsey@gmail.com

Q. When and how do I pay for my order?

A. If your order requires a deposit it is due at time of placing your order. Orders over $50 require a deposit. Your date will not be secured without a deposit. The final payment is due 48 hours before pick up or delivery if paying electronically.

Venmo, Cash App, Apple Pay, & cash are accepted payments.

Q. How do I cut my cake?

A. Cake cutting is personal preference, but to maximize your servings please follow cake cutting guide video that is posted below

Q. Do you deliver?

A. Yes! I deliver in the Atlantic County area for an additional fee & if availability is open

Q. Do you do fondant cakes?

A.I do not, I mainly use buttercream for all cakes

Q. How Far in advance should I place my order?

A. Please place orders two weeks in advance or rush order fees will be applied. 

Q.Do you ship cakes or cupcakes?

A. I do not ship at the moment

Q. How do I store my desserts?

A. For cakes and cupcakes leave in refrigerator up until an hour before serving. chocolate dipped treats can be left out in cool temperature room until ready to serve. 

How to cut a tall cake

how to cut tall cake


Drip cakes are super popular in the baking world, and when I first discovered them I was a little intimidated. Of course I wanted to take on the challenge and try & and of course my first attempt was a complete fail. But I feel like now I got the hang of the technique and will share my tips and ganache recipe to get the perfect drip.

First, MAKE SURE YOUR CAKE IS COLD! This is super important, a cold chilled cake will slow down the drip and prevent the chocolate from running all the way down the cake. Also, make sure your chocolate is not too hot, if it is too warm that will also result in a runny drip. Let it sit until chocolate thickens. If your chocolate is is too thin add more chocolate chips, if your chocolate is too thick add a tad more heavy cream. I always do a test drip on the "back" of the cake to check my consistency, before going balls to the wall and then realizing the drip consistency isn't quite right... I use a teaspoon to apply the drip but a squeeze bottle would work also. I adjust my recipe depending on what Im making and how much I think ill need but here is the general recipe that works for me

Chocolate Drip:

  • 1 Cup chocolate Chips

  • 3/4 Heavy Cream

  • Microwave for 30 seconds

White Chocolate Drip:

  • 1 Cup of bright white candy melts

  • 1/4 cup of heavy cream

  • Microwave 30 seconds

For white chocolate drip, if you can't find bright white candy melts, thats okay! you can use any type of white chocolate, BUT, when it melts it will turn a weird translucent yellow color. If you add white gel food color, it will turn a bright white and you're good to go! 


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